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PagerDuty Named a G2 Leader for Enterprise Incident Management Software

With the announcement of their Fall 22’ Review awards, PagerDuty has been named a G2 Leader for Incident Management Software for the sixth quarter in a row. We owe a special thank you to our customers who have consistently given PagerDuty high satisfaction scores that take into account their likelihood to recommend PagerDuty, our ability to meet their requirements, and the overall ease they’ve found in doing business with us.

As more organizations adopt PagerDuty for incident response, 96% of users continue to rate PagerDuty highly, with 4 to 5 stars in G2! Here are some of the key reasons why we’re a leader in incident management:

  1. 92% of users believe PagerDuty meets their requirement for incident management.
  2. 92% of users think the quality of support is a key reason to continue with us.
  3. Over 93% of users voted that PagerDuty’s highest-rated features are “ticket assignment,” “timely alerts,” and “constant monitoring.”

Even our lowest rated features for Incident Management exceed the category average.

In addition to our “Leader” distinction in Incident Management, G2 further recognized PagerDuty’s strengths with 8 additional Leader badges across a number of different categories for their Fall 2022 review awards. These other badges include Best Results in the Enterprise, Most Implementable in the Enterprise, and Leader in Enterprise, Mid-Market, and Small Business.

What’s most exciting about these additional distinctions is that PagerDuty was named a leader across all business size segments. This speaks to the value any organization can receive from PagerDuty regardless of their size or industry.

PagerDuty is also the overall category leader in G2’s Enterprise Implementation Index for Incident Management for Fall 2022 AND G2’s Incident Management Results Index for the Enterprise. Taken together, these accolades speak to how quickly enterprises can not only go live with Pagerduty, but how fast they begin seeing immediate results and ROI from their investment. 

Additional G2 Recognition 

When we look beyond G2’s incident management category, PagerDuty was further recognized as a Fall 22’ leader in three additional market categories G2 tracks: AIOps, IT alerting and Workload Automation. 


IT Alerting

Workload Automation

We want to hear more from our customers  

We have hundreds of outstanding G2 reviews from our customers worldwide, and always want more. Here are some actual customer reviews from an enterprise leader, a product owner, and an administrator.

Edgar D., IT Consultant, Enterprise

Excellent platform for incident management  

“PagerDuty is highly scalable and we seamlessly integrate it with a variety of software to better our response time to incidents. It offers us unified particulars on incident occurrence ensuring straightforward response and accuracy during examination. The finest part of PagerDuty is how prompt alerts are. We are now able to manage on-call schedules in a much more advanced and faster manner. It has a legitimate portal that allows for easy navigation when we are submitting tickets or searching for the latest tickets.”

John B, Data Product Owner, Enterprise

PagerDuty use for on call DBAs 

“PagerDuty allows my team to manage on-call schedules across time zones and makes it easy to manage the on-call schedule on the fly as needed. PagerDuty offers competitive pricing, which makes it easy to manage in your budget. The connectivity to other messaging or even providers means you get the alert in a way that suits your business operations.”

Administrator in Information Technology and Services, Enterprise

PagerDuty is the glue that connects all the moving parts in our after-hours operations 

“PagerDuty can be configured to meet every requirement we have, and the few times I couldn’t intuitively discover the options needed, support was able to resolve the issue.”

Want to learn more about PagerDuty Incident Response and how it works? Participate in the free 14-day trial and experience how PagerDuty can empower your teams with faster time and efficiency, and drive innovation across your Operations Cloud.

On November 3, 2022, join our SVP & GM of Emerging Products, Jonathan Rende, and the senior product team for a deep dive into Incident Workflows, Status pages and notification templates, Flexible time windows for Intelligent Alert Grouping, and much more.