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PagerDuty Runbook Automation

Accelerate cloud operations by safely delegating automated IT workflows.

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Replace manual procedures in your runbooks with automated self-service tasks.

Resolve tasks 99% faster

Delegate self-service task automation across secure cloud and data center environments, such as deployment and patching operations for developers.

Simplify security and compliance

Securely connect automation to locked-down environments. Bake-in security and compliance into automation with authentication, access control, and logging of every activity.

Reduce support costs by 50% by eliminating toil

Standardize operations and eliminate manual logins across different environments. Design automation to simplify expertise needed and delegate to generalists. Eliminate need for human intervention by triggering or scheduling automation.

Product capabilities

  • Standardize task automation for any cloud or data center
  • Securely connect automation to remote environments
  • Safe, delegation of self-service IT operations
  • Plug into common systems and infrastructure
  • Invoke automation through your favorite operations interface
  • Centrally orchestrate automation across environments
  • Fully managed SaaS product
  • Integrate with PagerDuty Automation Actions
How PagerDuty Runbook Automation Works

Securely connect to remote environments.

Runbook Automation connects to your IT infrastructure through a Runner that is deployed within a firewall or VPC and provides an encrypted connection back to the Runbook Automation endpoint. The Runbook Runner is built to meet the latest zero-trust security models. It calls back to the Runbook Automation endpoint via HTTPS. There’s no need to open additional ports in firewalls.

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