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Enhanced visibility to scheduling

The latest Schedule Details page offers a more user-friendly interface with enhanced visibility to Schedule metadata, along with unified override panels on the right side. These panels allow users to easily override a specific shift or time. The most important information is now immediately visible, with Users, Escalation Policy, and Teams nested beneath it.

Minimize Noise with Configurable Alert Groups

Flexible Time Windows is our latest AIOps feature. Use it for greater precision and flexibility when tuning for system noise. A configurable time interval lets users tailor Intelligent Alert Grouping to optimize noise reduction for each service, all using a simple dropdown. Flexible Time Windows gives users maximum compression with more accuracy and greater flexibility, while minimizing the manual work required to group alerts with greater specificity.

  • This capability is now generally available for Event Intelligence, AIOps, and Digital Operations customers.

Manage incidents from Microsoft Teams

Incident responders can now perform additional incident management actions all from Microsoft Teams, including: changing priority, reassigning, adding responders, escalating, and performing PagerDuty Automation Actions.

Gain more flexibility and control

Leveraging the newly announced Incident Workflows, users can rapidly design incident process automation via an easy to use no-code interface. Automatically trigger an orchestrated response using if-this-then-that logic to sequence common incident actions, such as adding a responder, subscribing stakeholders, or starting a conference bridge.

  • This capability is now generally available for Business and Digital Operations customers.

Status page enhancements

Proactively communicate real-time operational updates with customers via both an external status page and audience-specific communication service whenever a major incident occurs.

  • This capability is coming soon. To express interest, please sign up for early-access.

More contextual incident data

Populate custom fields on an incident to provide responders with more incident data for faster triage and resolution. Easily view and access critical information in PagerDuty from any surface (API, mobile app, desktop).

  • This capability is coming soon. To express interest, please sign up for early-access.

Customize reusable communication templates

With organization-based templates, companies can now customize and standardize communications based on impact, service areas, and more. This functionality will be also available via API, so teams are able to customize and leverage status update notification templates to fit their needs in any tool or context.

  • This capability is now generally available for Business and Digital Operations customers.

Single streamlined login experience

Easily access PagerDuty no matter where you’re using it: web, mobile, Slack integration.

  • This capability is coming soon. To express interest, please sign up for early-access.

Empower customer service agents

Agents can now validate customer impacting issues by running automated actions directly from the PagerDuty app in Service cloud. This will reduce resolution time, as well as the number of incidents escalated to the back-end teams.

Grant the right level of access for every use case

Scoped API access provides more flexibility with application credentials that control access and available actions on PagerDuty resources, such as account level access credentials with differentiated read-only versus read and write permissions on PagerDuty Incidents.

  • This capability is coming soon. To express interest, please sign up for early-access.

Common Automated Diagnostics for AWS Users

If your apps and services reside in AWS we have new AWS plugins for automated diagnostics that can help you triage incidents on AWS faster, and with more efficiency. The CloudWatch Logs plugin allows users to more easily run automated diagnostics for AWS across multiple accounts and products. Systems Manager plugin enables faster execution and accuracy for tasks such as configuration management, patching, and deploying monitoring and security tooling agents. New ECS Remote Command plugin lets users retrieve diagnostic data from their running applications in real-time before redeploying their services. Contact us to learn more!

  • Plugins are available for PagerDuty Process Automation On Prem and PagerDuty Runbook Automation

Webhook integrations is easier than ever

Webhooks v.3 based integrations will be visible and editable under the Service Directory UI under the Integrations tab.

Empower teams to make better data-driven decisions

Improve the incident response process and customer experience by surfacing actionable insights and opportunities for continuous improvement with a new report featuring new visualizations, more interactivity, intuitive drill-down capabilities, and additional filtering options.

Automate the redundant

Global Event Orchestration's powerful decision engine enriches events, controls their routing, and triggers self-healing actions based on event data. Teams can use this functionality across any or all services within PagerDuty. This feature is available with the purchase of [PagerDuty AIOps] (

Introducing PagerDuty AIOps

PagerDuty launched a new AIOps solution to leverage the power of AI, provide built-in automation and build on the company’s foundation data model to transform modern operations for the enterprise. PagerDuty has long suppressed noise to help distributed development teams focus. Now, PagerDuty AIOps addresses the large-scale event correlation, compression, and automation needs of ITOps, Command Centers, NOCs, and SRE teams.

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